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            Glutathione is the most powerful enzyme of detoxification produced in the body, and it has the ability to promote the degradation and excretion of a number of chemicals and other toxic or potentially toxic agents.  Many physicians, including myself, have used it for many years in smaller doses, both orally and IV, to treat patients who become ill from exposure to chemicals.

           But it was not until Dr. David Perlmutter began using much higher doses of glutathione intravenously to treat Parkinson's disease, often with excellent results, that I began experimenting with much higher doses of glutathione that I had used before.  This almost immediately demonstrated that similarly high doses of glutathione - much higher than the doses we were using - were more efficacious for the treatment of chemical sensitivity and toxicity.  We began using it in this manner and found it often indeed works well for patients who have adverse reactions to chemicals and chemical exposures.

            We give an IV glutathione push, building rapidly up to 1400 mg. (could be more or less) for patients with chemical problems.  Usually this therapy must be given 2-3 times weekly at first, although many patients just use this protocol on occasion, or when they have had a chemical exposure.

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