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Articles Published by Dr. Shrader

1.      Shrader, Jr., W.A. High Speed Trephine Drill Lung Biopsy. Hawaii Medical  Journal, Sept. 1976,  Vol. 35: No. 9

2.      Shrader, Jr., W.A. Leptospirosis in Hawaii --- Hawaii Medical Journal, May 1977, Vol. 36: No. 5

3.      Shrader, Jr., W.A., McEwen, L.M. Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization - A 16-month trial of therapy with 134 patients.  Environmental Medicine, 1993: 9/Nos. 3&4: 128-38

4.      Shrader, W.A., Treating Allergies with EPD Immunotherapy, in Optimal Digestion, Faas, N., 370-78, Harper-Collins, 1999

5.      Shrader, Jr., W.A. Short and long-term treatment of asthma with intravenous nutrients. Nutr J. May 14 2004; 3(1): 6.

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