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History of EPD
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            We use an advanced immunotherapy in my office called LDA immunotherapy, short for ultra low dose enzyme enhanced immunotherapy.  It was developed from EPD Immunotherapy (enzyme potentiated desensitization).  EPD immunotherapy was discovered and developed by a brilliant British allergist, Dr. Leonard McEwen.  It is a type of immunotherapy enhanced by the enzyme beta glucuronidase, given only every two months at first and less often as time progresses, that effectively treats a myriad of problems having to do with any degree of failure of the immune response.  LDA and EPD may be used to treat a considerable number of conditions.

            I began using EPD in 1990, and when I found it worked dramatically well for my own symptoms that had never adequately responded to any treatment, I decided to begin using it for all of my patients with allergy.  Soon I found it worked so well I decided to speak about it publicly, and a number of other physicians across the country immediately showed an interest.  From there I organized the American EPD Society, and we all joined forces to produce that largest study of any method of immunotherapy ever done anywhere.  I published the first study of EPD in this country in 1993.

            The FDA wanted McEwen Laboratories to apply for FDA approval of EPD, since the material came from England and was not FDA approved.  When the IND application was delayed for a number of reasons, not the least of which were financial, the FDA stopped importation of EPD in 2002.  I then developed LDA, a substitute that was compounded in this country, by prescription, which I use today.  EPD is no longer available in the USA, but it is used in Canada, Europe and several other countries.

            For more detailed information about EPD click here.  For a list of problems EPD and LDA treat, click here.

            A number of physicians around the country use LDA.

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